Farm Staff

This is our "FARMILY" at Chatfield...



Josie Hart  - Farm Program Manager

A member of the farm staff since March of 2011, Josie focuses on the development and sustainability of programs. Josie manages the Farm Stands in Food Deserts and Veterans Education Program. Josie is inspired to connect people with the farm, especially at CSA distributions--which are like a weekly mini-celebration of fresh food--and at the farm stands by providing under-served neighborhoods access to fresh food. "By creating a farm that belongs to all of us, we give it back to the land, and we let the land do what it does best by nurturing our family". Josie grows the cut flowers for the CSA and markets.


Phil Cordelli - CSA Farm Manager
Phil manages the Chatfield Farms CSA. He has been growing food since 2002 when he started as an intern at a former commune deep in the Northern California woods. From planting epasote amid rubble in vacant lots in New York City to spending days atop a tractor plowing the ground for a 55-acre farm, Phil's had a wild ride through the world of agriculture, settling happily at Chatfield Farms. Phil grows the best arugula, hakueri turnips and shallots. He isn't afraid to grow things like sweet potatoes and Brussels's sprouts either!


Jamie Wickler -  Veterans Education Coordinator 
Jamie has always had a love for the outdoors; anything from hiking, skiing, camping and, of course, gardening. She is so excited to be working on the Veterans Farm Program this year and to be part of a community working toward a sustainable food source.

Chris Krabbenhoeft - Market Grower 
Chris has a background of music festivals, hippy reunions, Tibetan prayer flags and local agriculture. He likes to ride his bike 20-30 miles a day and enjoys truck driving, fine art and playing music in his band - Klaus Dafoe. Chris's favorite foods are a peach cobbler and frozen bananas.