NorthStar Egg Share

NorthStar Farms, LLC 

A Veteran-owned and operated local farm in Colorado


Meet John Flovin, a 2016 graduate of Veterans to Farmers at Chatfield Farms and former CSA Grower!

NorthStar Farms is a Veteran owned and operated farm located in Morgan County, Colorado that provides a local source for fresh, high quality eggs. Our birds are happy and healthy, free ranging hens that are always fed corn/soy/gmo free-feed. Our farm has a variety of birds including White/Red Rhode Islands, Americaunas, and Speckled Sussex.

NorthStar Farms, LLC sets itself apart from large-scale chicken farms because of the quality of life we provide for our hens. It all starts with their spacious living quarters protected from harsh weather and natural predators. NorthStar Farms’ hens are healthy, well fed, loved, and most important of all – free ranging.

Northstar Farms will provide 20 weeks of free-range, nonGMO fed eggs. Pick ups will be every week after you collect your vegetables at either location. The egg share is $120 for the season.