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2014 Ela Family Farms Fruit Share Information

Posted 4/17/2014 11:09am by Josie Hart-Genter.

  2014 Ela Family Farms’ Organic Fruit CSA Share

Enjoying Colorado fruit in-season is one of life’s simple pleasures. Ela Family Farms looks forward to sharing our fruit harvest with you through the Denver Botanic Garden CSA share.

Our fruit share offers 80 lbs of organic fruit over 12 weeks and suits a family of 2-4. We let our fruit ripen on the tree a little longer, striving to bring you the best tasting fruit you will enjoy all season! As you know, Mother Nature is ultimately in charge.

If we have a crop loss or shortage, we will substitute the full retail value of the fruit with our organic artisan fruit products or another fruit. We guarantee our fruit and that CSA members receive the full retail value of their share.

To learn more about our 100-year fruit growing history and the fruits we grow visit or send inquiries to

Predicted Fruit Schedule Week of:

Aug. 12&14- Peaches

Aug. 19&21- Peaches

Aug. 26&28- Peaches

Sept. 2&4- Two bags of fruit: peaches and apples or pears

Sept. 9&11- Two bags of fruit: apples and plums, pears or peaches

Sept. 16&18- Two bags of fruit: apples and pears or plums

Sept. 23&25- Two bags of fruit: apples and pears, plums or peaches

Sept 30&Oct 2-Two bags of fruit: apples and pears

Oct. 7&9- Apples and cider

Oct. 14&16- Apples and cider

Oct. 21&23- Apples and cider

Oct. 28&30- 20 lb. box of storage apples. When kept cold, these apples will be delicious for weeks.  

To purchase a fruit share, please visit our the homepage and update your account.


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Debbie Shapiro said,
5/6/2014 @ 12:32 pm
Assuming I did not get into this year's CSA at Chatfield but would like to know if it is still possible to come by and purchase fruit like we could last summer on Pearl Street in Platt Park. Thanks
cooper said,
6/10/2015 @ 9:23 am
When you set out to buy your

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