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CSA Today

Posted 10/15/2013 3:07pm by Josie Hart-Genter.

Dear shareholders,

Hello everyone! The CSA will be held in the usual spot today, regardless of weather. Please come as EARLY as possible so our staff can go home before dark. Thanks!

We have HONEY on sale today - both sizes (Quarts $20, pints $10). Please remember to bring CASH! This honey is local to Chatfield and the jars make great holiday gifts! 

PUMPKINS - Normally we hand out a decorative pumpkin every year to our shareholders, however with the moisture and cold temperatures the pumpkins are turning soft! If you would like to pick your own pumpkin up out here at Chatfield, you are welcome to do so however you will have to search for a good one! We did have a very successful Pumpkin Fest that raised a lot of money for the Botanic Gardens this year and we hope some of you made it out here for that!

EGG CARTONS! Please bring an egg carton today before you pick up your eggs because we are out of cartons for people. Thanks!

We are getting very close to the end of distribution and our staff will let everyone know if we don't have enough produce due to the weather conditions. Thanks!

Any questions regarding Harvest Shares from MMLocal can be directed to . I also answer that email address and generally get responses out within 24 hours. 

Thanks and see you today or Thursday!

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