This Week in Photos 3/19/2012

From the greenhouse to tractor - the farm is waking up and getting ready for a great season.

wild harvested Chatfield asparaguscabbage, broccoli, cauliflower in the greenhouse, growing fast

Wild collected asparagus from Chatfield. Doing great!     Baby brassicas: broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.


The garlic is coming up nicely.

The garlic is coming up nicely, Inchelium Red, collected and saved from last year's harvest.

The leeks are already going this year!

King Edward's leeks already started for this year so they should be a nice for harvest time!

Jenny plowing the fields

Our Head Gower, Jenny Thomas tilling the compost into the CSA field with the help of dog Sami!

A great view of our restored Ford tractor

This is a great view of our restored Ford tractor, thanks to Jim Sell!


Miniature Horses

Chatfield's newest edition: miniature horses, this is Tinkerbell in her winter coat!