Five Points Fermentation

The Balanced Belly Share!

Meet Asia Dorsey, owner and biochemist at Five Points Fermentation. 

Hi. I’m Asia. I am your BioAlchemist. I was grown in the Five Points and I’m the owner of the Five Points Fermentation Company. We are a collective of scientists, artists, activists, chefs and herbalists. We hand-craft delicious, high integrity probiotic foods and beverages. We foster the bioregional food economy by sourcing from local Colorado farmers, bee keepers and chefs while seeking out global, traditional recipes.

I am so pleased to be in service to you all and in partnership with the beautiful human beings at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms.

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I apprenticed in permaculture in Australia and New Zealand, and there I learned that to preserve human health, we need to safeguard the seeds. To save the seeds, we need to re-mineralize soil, build community, honor ancestral wisdom while innovating for the future, live sustained by our bioregion and do all these things regeneratively.

During my time in India, I learned about Ghandi and his philosophy of sovereignty, right livelihood, and his connection to the Civil Rights movement; and I knew what I was meant to do. After university, I moved back home and had a powerful conversation with Milan, the previous owner of the Five Points Fermentation Company. We connected around food justice and using nourishing food as a vehicle for social transformation. For creating the world that we know is possible. For making people dance from eating food so good it’s like Jazz on their tongues.

You’ll learn a lot more about us, the workers cooperative that we’re building and all the intentional, exciting and exclusive goodies and special events we have planned for you this season. I’m here to learn about you, your needs and answer your questions in the meantime: .