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Member Agreement

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Becoming a shareholder of the CSA at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield means that not only are you receiving the enclosed benefits, but that you are also committing to financially supporting your farm for the growing season. Due to the unpredictable Colorado weather, shareholders of the farm understand that the quantity of produce that they receive each growing season may vary. For example, if we experience a hail storm that damages our tomato plants then members should expect to see fewer tomatoes in their shares that season.

CSA shares are non-refundable.

CSA members are responsible for picking up their shares each week of the growing season at their designated pick up location within the designated times. If you are unable to pick up your share, please ask a family member or friend to pick it up for you. If your share is not picked up during the designated time, it will be donated to a local food shelter. If you no longer want your share, it is the responsibility of the shareholder to sell the share. 

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