2015 Waitlist



Comments from our shareholders...

On our produce

“Excellent quality."

“The produce is much better than any other CSA; we have done others, and the greens all season is unique.”

"I love the market style option for pick up - it really adds to the community feeling."

"Our family including the children thouroughly enjoyed the experience, we are eating healthier and they are trying new veggies!"

“CSA is far better, worlds better, than a grocery store”

"Such an amazing bargain..."

On nutrition and lifestyle changes

"Since I joined the CSA, I lost 20 lbs.!!! I’ve been making a conscious effort to be more active and work on getting off the weight. I really have to say that the CSA has been a main component creating a permanent change in my diet. I have SOOOOO many veggies in my fridge, I just can’t justify hitting a drive-through when I can sauté a zucchini in a little bit of butter and garlic with romano on top."

"Eating this way is so easy and indulgent, I didn’t realize how quickly the weight was falling off. I’m not going back to the way I ate before."

"The CSA has made it so easy and inexpensive to eat healthy. The service you are providing to the community is amazing and I’m sure lots of people feel the same way." 

From our produce donation sites

“The clients were so happy to see FRESH produce in the food bank. Your donations of fresh produce absolutely enhanced our community in such a positive way. It has been a real pleasure and we look forward to seeing you again next year.” – The Gathering Place