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The Egg share is 20 weeks of free-range eggs. Each week you will pick up a pre-packaged dozen of mixed eggs. The chickens are fed non-gmo feed when they are inside, but mostly forage on their natural surroundings and live a free-range humane life. The chickens are raised by a young farm family, Amish Acres in Westcliff Colorado.

From Joseph of Amish Acres, owner and producer:

Last summer we started on our chicken adventure, and built a big fully insulated barn to protect the chickens from the weather and the predators, this is where they sleep and lay eggs, the barn has a dirt floor where the hens take their daily bath - {dust bath}!

Every morning I open the big door so the hens can go outside where they have 6 acres to FREE RANGE Of course it is winter, and there is not as much fresh green available or bugs, so to substitute that, we are in the process of putting in a fodder rack, so they can have fresh barley sprouts every day to increase the egg quality even more, and also to help keep the flock healthy and happy, which is our goal.

We know happy healthy hens =quality eggs =satisfied customers. I have always loved animals and my dream has always been to be able to stay home with my wife and three children while they are growing up, and the Lord has blessed us and is making this a reality, with the help of all our great customers. We gather the eggs by hand, wash and sanitize with a very mild solution, candle, grade, and package all done by hand, which keeps us very busy, as we have approximately 2000 hens.

We then store the eggs in our walk in cooler till Wednesday our delivery day. Our entire farm is powered by the sun, charging the batteries that power the Inverter, no generators and no fumes. Yes it is great.

Wishing you the best,  Joe Bontrager Amish Acres.