Supporting Shareholders

Our Supporting Shareholders do more than purchase a share of veggies – they are a vital part of Chatfield Farms' education and outreach programs. Supporting Shareholders helped initiate the Farm Stands in Food Deserts program, bringing fresh produce to underserved neighborhoods in Denver.

Supporting Shares also helped us expand and improve our Veterans Farm Program, which last year provided paid stipends and 10 weeks of intensive training for 16 veterans at Chatfield Farms. We also offer an advanced business planning winter course of study and hire a full-time program coordinator.

Currently, our Supporting Shares help cover the cost of shares we donate to a network of partners working in food equity and access. These shares are either donated directly to individuals or incorporated into free or discounted cooked meals, grocery programs, or cooking and nutrition classes.

Each Supporting Shareholder will receive two tickets to our annual Farm to Fork Dinner (pictured below). We also prepare a special early spring greens pick up and a thanksgiving box of storage crops at the end of the season.