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CSA Artisan Jam Share Available Now

Posted 4/14/2014 6:24pm by Josie Hart.

Modern Gingham Jam Share - Support a local Denver mom and fellow CSA shareholder!

The 2014 jam share will include at least six 8 oz jars of jams made from locally harvested fruit and vegetables made into unique flavorful jams.  Modern Gingham Preserves is a Denver-based preserve company that uses locally grown (and often locally foraged including Chatfield) fruits, vegetables and herbs to make unique, fruit forward, softly set jams.  Flavors of the jams will be dependent on what the local harvest season produces.  Flavors may include Palisade peach jam, local raspberry and mint jam, hot pepper jam, or flavors yet to be developed based on what the season brings us here in Colorado.  These shares will contain several unique jams only available to CSA members. Distribution will take place in October. 

You can purchase a share from the link below!

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