The Veterans to Farmers Training Program

In 2015, Chatfield Farms teamed up with Veterans to Farmers to provide a dual track program to the veteran community. Veteran participants develop job skills, learn how to operate a small farm, engage with different communities, create relationships with other service members and receive financial compensation for their participation.

The mission of the Veterans Farm Program is to connect military veterans to a farming career, specifically small-scale vegetable production, in a way that engages the mind body and soul in a holistic approach to sustainable living. During the 10-week session participants will discuss key farming topics, work/train with Chatfield Farms staff, tour other local farms and write a farm business plan as a group.




The program will be offered in two separate 10-week sessions,
every Tuesday and Thursday, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

First Session: May 22 – July 26, Orientation May 21
Second Session: July 31 - October 11, Orientation July 30


After you fill out this application, email it to and we will get in touch.

*Mac people may have difficulty saving the form after you fill it out online Just save/print the PDF to your computer and then fill it out, re-save it and send.

How to get involved: After you fill out an application, we will be in touch to schedule an interview. We value the hard work that each participant adds to the farms so there is a sliding scale to determine the amount of stipend each individual receives - anywhere from 9$ up to 12$ an hour for the 10 week course. Veterans are paid based on their hourly attendance at the end of each two week period. 

Key Farming Topics: Soil - Seeds/Plant Propagation - Irrigation - Pests and Disease Equipment -Harvest/Post Harvest - Market Experience - Beekeeping - GMOs - Cover Crops and Composting - Canning/Preserving - Mindfulness

Business Planning Topics: Mission/Vision Statement - Goal-setting - Strength/Weakness Analysis - Crop Planning - Profit/Cost Analysis - Record Keeping - Marketing - Grant Writing/Funding - Agri-tourism

Greenhouse Management, Aquaponics Training Program and more!
Please visit the Veterans to Farmers website:

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